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Welcome to Liberally Peppered. This is my first post here. It’s always good to have an online space to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Most of the successful professionals recommend that one should have a personal website or a blog available. Therefore, I have brought my journal Liberally Peppered here. I want my journal to be more than just a regular blog, rather a place where other can learn too. Not only I want to publish my interests, hobbies, and routines but also I will share my professional experiences here. This time I’d choose to keep my journal very general.

It’s not my first time that I am publishing online. I have done it before and more than hundred times. I then abandoned them without mercy. I hope Liberally Peppered will thrive, and the readers will be the reason. I am changing career and rebuilding my life after Covid crises. There are things to share, and they’ll be coming soon. You can choose to get them in your mailbox by email.

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For now, the only way to take Liberally Peppered to the next level is to participate via comments and subscribe the notifications. It’ll encourage me to become consistent and publish more. Just enter your email in the form above and get liberally peppered. Your email is secure with me as I don’t run any profit making campaigns. It’s just plain exchange of knowledge with you. If you are still curious about how I keep others data safe head to the privacy policy page.

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What else, I love to get emails. If you want more personal space just write me an email to [email protected] and I’ll be more than happy to answer.

A. J. Bozdar
I lived by as a computer programmer. I am living by many other means as well.

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